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2017 Training Calendar Available!

Our 2017 Training Calendar is here! With 40 weeks worth of webinars and workshops (and adding!) you're sure to find something. 

Remember, all PEO and ASO clients receive complimentary training. Please contact your CEM for your client code before registering. 

Download the Training Calendar HERE

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9 Ways to Help Employees Feel Connected in the Workplace

Employees who feel connected to their employer, supervisors, and co-workers perform better than those who don’t. Here’s how to help them feel connected:


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6 Ways to Effectively Respond to an Angry Customer

1. Listen actively. Let the angry customer tell his/her story without interruption, focus on the customer (don’t look at your watch, phone, computer, or other people), and ensure your facial expression, body language, and tone of voice demonstrates that you understand that the customer is upset. This doesn’t mean you have to get upset too - just don’t smile at customers while they are telling you how angry they are.

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Employers and supervisors cannot look the other way

Balmeet Singh was allegedly accosted because of his race or religion outside of a Bakersfield restaurant on September 30 and dozens of people reportedly witnessed it and did nothing about it. In her article “Why Don’t We Help? Less is More, at Least When It Comes to Bystanders,” Melissa Burkley Ph.D. said people have a tendency to look the other way when they are witnesses to wrongdoing for a couple of reasons.

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Employees need to do the Math

I can write a decent sentence, but I’m lousy at math. Does that mean I can successfully sue my employer because, in order to ensure that I’ve been paid properly, I’m required to perform simple addition? According to a recent court case, the answer is a resounding “no.”

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Daring can be Dangerous to Employment Status

If you’re going to dare someone to do something, you don’t get to cry foul if they do it. That’s the lesson a SkinSmart Dermatology employee learned the hard way in the latest example of things that employees post on Facebook that gets them fired.

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Depression at Work

The suicide of actor Robin Williams, who reportedly was suffering from severe depression, is a harsh reminder of how devastating the illness can be.

While Williams was certainly a unique individual, his battle with depression was not unique. Indeed, each year about 25 million U.S. adults experience major depressive disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Disorders.

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Friendships at Work

“Without friends, no one would want to live, even if he had all other goods.” Aristotle wrote this sentiment, and I couldn’t agree more.

For example, I recently met a friend for coffee, and my day was brighter as a result because my friend did what he always does: listened intently to my account of my recent mishaps, offered supportive comments, and made me feel better about life in general.

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Fashion Rules at Work

“It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules,” fashion experts have proclaimed. Want to wear white before Memorial Day? Go for it. Want to wear gold and silver jewelry at the same time? You can do that, too. Today it’s all about the individual and his or her personal style.

While that’s a relief for some (I do like to wear my white jeans all year long), it can present a problem for employers whose employees’ personal style looks like they have just rolled out of bed.

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Breaking up is not so hard to do

Long before the days of cell phones, I had a boyfriend who avoided my announcement that I was breaking up with him by staying away from his house – “can’t break up with me if you can’t find me!” he reasoned. Evidently, teacher Michael Sullivan had a similar thought, and a recent court decision proved him wrong.

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