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Receive Your Client Referral Reward Today!

We truly appreciate the level of trust and confidence you put in our HR services. When a referral becomes a new client, we send you a reward as a thank you.

How It Works

It’s pretty simple: you tell your friends about Worklogic HR. When they join, we’ll pay you up to up to $100 per employee at the company you referred.

Contact us for complete referral program terms and limitations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I receive my payment?

We issue your referral payment to you once your referral signs on and runs their first payroll using Worklogic HR.


What happens if the company I refer hires more employees after they become a Worklogic HR customer?

If the company you referred hires more employees after they are already a customer, we will not compensate you for these additional employees.

Can I participate if I’m not a Worklogic HR customer/user?

Absolutely! We welcome anyone spreading the word and participating in the referral program, customer or not.


How will I get paid?

Once you’re eligible to receive a referral bonus, we’ll begin processing your payment. You can choose to receive your reward as a check, invoice credit, or a donation to a charity of your choice. Payments will be sent to the address associated with your Worklogic HR account or the address provided within your referral application. For payments above $600, Worklogic HR has to issue you an IRS Form MISC-1099, so we’ll reach out to you to gather additional details.