New Client Referral Program | Worklogic HR

Receive Your Client Referral Reward Today!

As a valued client, we at Worklogic HR want to thank you. We truly appreciate the level of trust and  confidence you put in our HR services.

When a referral becomes a new client, we send you a reward as a thank you. You can choose to receive your reward as cash, invoice credit, or a donation to a charity of your choice. 

The Referral Breakdown:

  • PEO/ASO Clients: $100 per Worksite Employee* 
  • HRO Clients: 5% of Annual Client Services Agreement
  • Payroll Client: $10 per Worksite Employee*
  • Note max reward is $2,000 per referral.

*A Worksite Employee must have payroll processed on client's first payroll. 

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