[Podcast] New COVID Relief in H.R. 133: What’s in It for Businesses

Greg and John discuss the new relief options for businesses struggling through the COVID-19 Pandemic made available through H.R. 133. Learn what your business qualified for previously, and what it qualifies for now based on previous programs accessed. Americans waited for Congress to negotiate and pass a bipartisan relief bill to address pressing economic issues […]

Gender Pay Gap Widens Due to COVID-19

In recent years, employers and industry leaders have begun to take note of wage disparity between men and women in the workplace. Great attention has been focused on addressing gender-based wage gaps, garnering political and media attention to bring this issue to the forefront.  Though there has been focus on this issue, the gap proves […]

Why You Need More Than Just Payroll Services

It’s common for organizations to turn to an outsourced payroll model in order to reduce risk, manage processes, and eliminate some of the time-consuming aspects of this responsibility. This is a great place to start for the growing business. But oftentimes, a business needs more than just payroll services to keep it running like a […]

How to Create a PTO Policy

Every worker deserves some time off to recuperate and balance life responsibilities. Turns out, offering paid time off (PTO) benefits can be good for business too. As an employer, it’s recommended to offer PTO to employees. While not mandatory under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), most companies offer this benefit to employees on either a […]

Ask Worklogic: Paying Employees and Lunch & Learns

Question:  Do we need to pay employees for time during Lunch and Learns? Answer:  The answer is dependant on a test of four factors. Lunch and learns can be a great way to promote learning in the workplace. However, since they normally occur during lunch periods, employers often ask if they are compensable. The Fair […]

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