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How to Reduce Stress and Employee Burnout

Did you know multitasking contributes to employee burnout? It’s happened to the best of us.  There’s no employee, no matter how good they are, that has a chance of getting the five tasks done if they do them one at a

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[YWH S1E10] Alternative Workweeks

Working 9-5…or Not! Alternative Workweeks, Some Things to Consider. In this episode of Your Workplace Horizon, we discuss the five day work week and alternative workweek options.             Imagine a three-day weekend every week, sign me up!  I’ve often commented

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Ask Worklogic: Power Outages and Paying Employees

Question:   The recent power outages from PG&E have affected our California operating hours. If our business is closed due to an electrical outage, will we still need to pay our employees? Answer: The answer depends on several factors.  Power outages

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Time Saving Tips for HR Managers

Working as a human resource manager today is no easy feat. Between managing people processes, recruitment efforts, and staying up to date on employment laws, many HR leaders feel stretched too thin. Before long, tasks start to accumulate, and the

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Why Smaller Companies Should Use a PEO

Most people assume PEO services are for large companies only. In reality, many small to medium-sized companies find extreme benefits in working with a PEO. According to NAPEO “small businesses that use PEOs grow seven to nine percent faster, have 10 to

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