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Performance Management

Drive Success with Powerful Performance Management Tools

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With competition for talent fierce, employee retention and development have never been more critical. That’s why Greenleaf HR offers performance management solutions to hone in on your individual and business-level goals.

We guide you through implementing tools that play a strategic role in building out your talent pool, while improving your company’s overall business advantages.

Working with us means you have specialists who understand your business pain points and will work with you to identify a performance management process resulting in clear and actionable goals for growth.

Creating a High-Performance Culture

Low employee engagement costs businesses $450-$500 billion each year, and companies with a highly engaged workforce are 21% more profitable.

Those powerful numbers prove the importance of developing an environment that produces satisfied, confident, and highly engaged talent. With guidance from Greenleaf HR, you can inspire and captivate your team through compelling performance management tools.

Our methods create a process for providing feedback that motivates and sets up clear paths for employees to grow their skills and strengthen their performance.

Firms that feel performance management is vital.


Firms that believe their performance management is effective.


A Performance Management Process that Works for Your Business

Worklogic HR offers online performance management tools for tracking goals, personal timelines, employee milestones, and achievements. You’ll gain deeper insight into your employee’s satisfaction, while identifying potential issues and areas for improvement.

Our tools are delivered with:

Flexible Configurations

Enjoy a user-friendly interface supporting various employee review formats.

Automated Reminders

Stay up to date with relevant information and never miss an employee survey deadline.

Dashboard Overview

View milestone achievements and overdue appraisal information on an easy-to-use platform.

Coaching Resources

Explore tools for managers’ personal development, encouraging growth & retention.

Curious how better performance management could improve your business?

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