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Proactively Communicate with your Customers

Being told to “just wait until your father gets home” was a very effective method of punishment for me as a child. Any reprimand I received from Dad upon his homecoming was easy compared to the torture of waiting from him to arrive. That’s probably...

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Why Employers Should Curtail Workplace Cursing

The summer I was 15 and working at my dad’s bait shop, he posted a sign by the cash register that said, “no cussing.” He didn’t put the sign there to remind me not to curse; it was there to let customers know that swearing was not allowed around my...

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Don’t appear too sexy at work

“I’m Too Sexy,” a song by the English trio Right Said Fred, topped the American music charts in early 1992. The list of things the singer says he’s too sexy for include his shirt, car, hat, cat, and the song itself. On a similar note, a former...

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Accommodate Religious Beliefs Even When You Don’t Believe

When I was the HR manager of a local business, I suggested to management that a hand scanner be installed to track employee time and attendance. At that time, employees clocked in and out with a card that they swiped through a scanner. Some...

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Approved Love at Work

Around Valentine's Day, I'm usually compelled to write an article about why love in the workplace is a bad idea, especially between supervisors and their subordinates. However, this year I'm encouraging employers and supervisors to take deliberate...

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Emojis: The Latest Thing Employers Need to Worry About

A picture is worth a thousand words and, apparently, so is an emoji. For those unfamiliar with the term, "emojis" are colorful cartoon characters (faces, hearts, animals, etc.) that are used in electronic communications to clarify one's messages. In...

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The New Year Brings New Laws

Money makes the world go around, and the New Year brings with it new laws pertaining to employee's wages. Here is a handful that went into effect on January 1, 2016. You undoubtedly already know that California's minimum wage increased to $10.00/hr...

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