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Employee Retention Tax Credit

[Podcast] The Employee Retention Tax Credit: Impacts for Employers

Greg and John discuss important tax updates for employers who took advantage of the Paycheck Protection Plan and important details about the Employee Retention Tax Credit. With each new COVID bill...

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Find and Retain Qualified Talent

[Podcast] Talent Acquisition with Alex Mozota of Avitus Group

Greg and John are joined by Alex Mozota of Avitus Group to discuss the best practices for talent acquisition and employee retention in the current economic climate and in the post-COVID workplace...

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COVID-10 Relief for Businesses in 2021

[Podcast] New COVID Relief in H.R. 133: What’s in It for Businesses

Greg and John discuss the new relief options for businesses struggling through the COVID-19 Pandemic made available through H.R. 133. Learn what your business qualified for previously, and what it...

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Employer of Record Arrangements Explained

[Podcast] Employer of Record Arrangements Explained

Greg and John dive into the best practices for entrepreneurs and how to focus on growing a business with the help of prudent planning and engaging services like a PEO. Entrepreneurs can turn a...

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