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Employee Paycards: 100% Electronic Payments

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The Money Network Service gives employees the freedom and flexibility needed to access and manage wages on-demand.

Employees Want Payroll Cards

82% Say working for a company that offers payroll card is a major benefit

76% Like an employer more for offering a payroll card

73% Would look for employer that offers payroll card, when looking for next job

88% Say payroll cards save time vs having to cash a check

Source: Payroll Card survey study was commissioned by Visa and conducted by independent quantitative research firm Ipsos. Loyalty among 815 payroll card owners in the US in May 2017

The Money Network® Service Can Help

Simplify Your Payroll Process and Provide Employees with Choice. You’ll have the ability to achieve 100% electronic pay, thus reducing the costs and administration associated with issuing paper checks.
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