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Your Workplace Horizon: a Podcast Series

Your Workplace HoRizon is a helpful recurring podcast series for business owners, employers, and managers to learn helpful tips, ensure HR compliance, and make the workplace function more efficiently. Listen in with Greg Heiss as he speaks with industry leaders and HR experts from across the business spectrum. We'll cover a new topic each week that will help improve your workplace and drive new business. Start listening below and subscribe to ensure you don't miss an episode! 

This podcast series is born out of years of helping business owners become the very best version of themselves.  The topics are relevant, current and full of useful information for business owners, aspiring business owners and nearly anyone else who has dreamt of discovering their own destiny. Frequent contributors include business consultants Richard Dao, Joseph Anderson and John McFarland. Other guests often join in and add to the conversation.

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Our Latest Episodes

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"cannabis financing" "cannabis banking" "lawful cannabis"

[YWH S1E18] Managing Finances and Banking in the World of Lawful Cannabis Business

Greenleaf HR returns today, building on the conversation from podcast #8, season 1, "Lawful Cannabis Enterprises....". Jason Thomasy, VP, GreenLeafHR is back in studio with Greg and the...

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Starting a new business

[YWH S1E17] Joe's Journey: A New Business from Scratch, Part I

Join Greg, Rich, John and our very own podcast engineer, Joe Anderson as we dive into just what it takes to launch a business from an idea into a real, viable enterprise. Joe will stand-in as a...

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primary care doctor,doctors note,paid sick leave

[YWH S1E16] A Conversation About Requiring a Dr.'s Note from an Employee

Join the regular suspects in what was not intended to be a podcast at all. The mics were left hot after a previous session when Joe had an unrelated (to that podcast) question about when an employer...

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state legislator

[YWH S1E15] Legislators gonna Legislate, New Laws for 2020

Podcast regular Leo Villanueva returns with what seems to be a recurring subject on the podcast these days: Legislative updates. As WorkogicHR's compliance manager, it is Leo who keeps us and...

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About Greg Heiss

Greg Heiss is the Senior Client Development Manager at Worklogic HR in Bakersfield, CA, a Division Partner of Vensure Employer Services of Chandler, Arizona. Vensure provides PEO and related services to businesses located across the nation.

Greg began his career with Chesebrough-Ponds after graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. During his years with the packaged foods division, he developed a keen interest and acumen with Process Control, Quality Engineering and Continuous Improvement.  He has held positions in this field with Nestle and Safeway Stores, helping to develop standardized processes in several manufacturing arenas.

Greg made the leap into finance, keeping his process improvement tool belt intact and worked as a small business finance specialist with Wells Fargo Bank and others. He became six sigma certified while employed as a quality engineer for Bank of America.

Greg was involved with the family business, and with his own consulting firm, before coming to Worklogic HR to implement the strategic consulting model he calls HoRizon. 

About Horizon

HoRizon is a strategic approach to business consulting.  It focuses on business owner concerns and builds on delivering what an owner has decided the business priorities are.  Areas of focus generally center on 6 business pillars. 

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