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Managing Finances and Banking in the World of Lawful Cannabis Business
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We want to help your business maximize efficiency through a variety of integrated HR solutions and simplified processes while also providing you with superior benefits packages and incentive programs for your employees.

HR Services

Increase productivity, reduce liabilities, and save money with comprehensive HR services.

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HR Software

Move beyond software with an HRIS that optimizes company communications and HR management.

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Insurance Services

Offer your employees a wide range of coverage options, from Health and Dental to 401(k) plans.

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Enhance Workplace Productivity

Worklogic HR's HRIS Software Features

Streamline your tasks, simplify employee management and connect with your staff.

Integrated Payroll

Generate payroll in a single click and retain complete control.

Time & Attendance

Keep track of your staff schedules, availability, timesheets and more.

Document & Case Management

Store mission-critical data easily and access it from anywhere.

Electronic Onboarding

Streamline the new hire steps with a single online process.

CRM (Customer Relations Management)

Track leads, manage client needs and maximize productivity.

Performance Evaluations

Complete evaluations 100% online and keep them in one easy-to-access location.

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Conflict Resolution
01/22/20 - 01:30pm PST
Conflict Resolution
01/24/20 - 01:30pm PST
Harassment & Abusive Conduct Prevention Training for Supervisors
02/5/20 - 09:00am PST
Enhancing Your Team’s Performance
02/5/20 - 01:30pm PST

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