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Employee Onboarding

Deliver a First-Class Onboarding Experience

A positive and organized onboarding process lets your new hires know they are valued and appreciated. This also helps to reinforce to current employees that the organization cares about them and their new team members.

For businesses short on resources, it can be tough to navigate this crucial step and deliver a quality welcoming experience.

That’s why Worklogic HR offers smooth and seamless onboarding as part of our comprehensive suite of human resource (HR) services aimed at making business life easier.

Organizations with Strong Onboarding Processes...

Increase New Hire Retention


Improve Employee Productivity


Create a Launch Pad for Success

Our proven onboarding process helps your new hires start day one with a positive impression. Your incoming team members start by receiving access to our self-service portal, Vfficient. Once logged in, they will be able to access step-by-step guidance for submitting their form I-9, as well as comparing and selecting benefits and insurance plans.

Worklogic HR’s self-guided system and automatic reminders prevent anything from getting overlooked and required forms are filled out completely and on time. Our technology-driven platform is secure, convenient, and accessible anywhere there is an internet connection.

This dynamic onboarding platform delivers:

Information Sharing

New hires receive a great experience with an easy and informative portal.

Smooth Introductions

A digital welcome kit introduces employees to your company culture.

Fast & Easy Updates

New hires receive a great experience with an easy and informative portal.

Let's streamline your process.

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