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Accurate & Timely Payroll Services

Companies turn to a payroll services provider as one of the primary administrative functions to be outsourced in any business. Seen as time-consuming and yet relatively simple given the prevalence of so many payroll systems on the market, payroll is often outsourced at a relatively affordable price. Payroll is also the backbone to employee relations, as it is the outcome of each employee's efforts and is something that must be done accurately and timely to avoid more costly problems like penalties, wage and hour conflicts or suits and poor employee morale.

Why Choose Payroll?

Worklogic HR’s Payroll Advantage takes the guesswork and hassle out of payroll. With integrated time and attendance, job costing and divisional reporting, direct deposit, and deduction management, Payroll Advantage is an easy and efficient way to manage everything. With our proprietary HRIS system and live support for all deliverables, Worklogic HR is the right solution, even if you're looking for "just payroll."

Integration with Our HRIS Software

Generating your payroll is only one click away. Integrated Payroll from Worklogic HR is a flexible solution that helps easily manage your organization’s payroll so you can process it accurately and quickly every time. No more duplicate entries or transferring files to another costly payroll vendor. Built-in logic addresses complex overtime rules, departmental and divisional costing as well as time off tracking and monitoring. Employees are paid timely, accurately and in compliance with state and federal labor laws, ensuring their satisfaction and your protection.

Reporting & Payroll History

View deduction register, invoice history, payroll register and summary reports with a touch of a button. The system also archives data from previously submitted payroll.

  • Our fully integrated Payroll Module offers convenience, cost-savings and includes our Live Support services.
  • One-touch payroll processing. Accurate, timely and compliant, PTO and Vacation accrual management.

Worry-Free Payroll Processing

Employees are paid timely, accurately and in compliance with state and federal labor laws. The system reviews payroll entries and lets you know when your payroll is ready to go.

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